Thrifting: There’s an App for That


Being SMART with Your Money

Ever wonder if you are really tapping into the full potential of your smartphone? Or maybe you would like to save some money, but you don’t have time for shopping at yard sales or thrift stores? The simple truth is that you can save money every day from the convenience of your smartphone. In fact, today it is easier than ever to hunt down sales and deals, with coupons and savings at your fingertips.

Here are some tips to help you save money with your smartphone.

1. Use Mobile Coupon Apps Instead of Clipping


Apps like Groupon or Money Mailer allow users to browse coupons for various goods and services and from a wide range of companies. Mobile coupons offer many benefits. You don’t have to clip them out, in fact most of the time you can access them without ever needing to printing them out. Plus, you don’t have to worry about leaving your coupon at home when you needed it, because it will always be with you on your smartphone.

2. Keep Up with Your Favorite Stores


Stores like Target, CVS, and others have created their own apps, enabling you to shop and save with ease. Many companies also have email newsletters that include exclusive deals and offers. To learn more about how to sign up for savings through your email (which you can also access on your smartphone), check out my previous article: Show Me the Freebies.

3. Sign Up for Shopkick


There are lots of other helpful apps out there, too. One of my new favorites to use is Shopkick: an app that gives you rewards just for walking into stores and scanning certain items. You don’t have to buy anything, and the app is free. When you get enough points, you get to choose your reward in the form of a gift card to the store of your choice. Use my referral link to get 50 free points.

4. Save on the Appstore


Since we’ve been discussing apps, it’s important to note that even apps go on sale. Some sales only last a day or a few hours, so it can be hard to shop the deals, but apps like appsfire make it easy by updating users on what’s hot and on sale in the Appstore.

5. Explore Mobile Budgeting Apps


Another way to save money with your smartphone is to use a mobile budgeting app. I like using Mint, a very trusted and secure system that tracks your spending and helps you stick to a budget, but other apps exist as well so feel free to do some exploring.

Hope today’s thrifty tips have been helpful! I would love to hear what apps YOU use to stay thrifty. Feel free to share in the comments below or you can always email me at 



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