Vintage Camera Collection

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I have a very deep connection to cameras. We have history. To better explain just how deep this runs, I’ve put together a little backstory:

When I was in high school I started experimenting with my parents’ Panasonic something-or-other that was an unusual half-breed, somewhere between an SLR and everything else. Unfortunately, the camera was stolen while I was on a picnic. True story. Luckily, my dear cousin gifted me with a beautiful SLR Cannon upon seeing my growing interest in photography. With this camera I shot my first wedding. Yes, I was still in high school and yes, I was the only photographer. Still, sometimes lightning strikes twice, and this camera was sadly destroyed while I was on a horseback ride in Puerto Rico. Tropical thunderstorms and cameras just don’t mix well. Still, I was very blessed to receive a Nikon D200 from my parents for my birthday the summer I graduated high school. And it is with this Nikon that I occasionally do shoots for family portraits or senior photos.

Having piloted three different cameras in high school, it appears that my college years are to be spent in a slightly different capacity, an investigation that is taking me back to the roots of photography itself. It all started a few months ago when I find this little guy buried in the bucket of headphones and radios at a local Goodwill:
This is a 1969 Polaroid Colorpack ii that I got for just $1.50! Can you believe it? No corroded batteries, and I’ve already ordered the film. Can’t wait to test it out! Then, when I found this beauty less than a week later, I simply could not resist:
This is the Polaroid SX-70 from 1972. I paid a bit more for this one (around $80), also at a thrift shop. It’s much more advanced than the colorpack and was revolutionary in its compact style for its time. The video is an early advertisement for the SX-70 and beautifully describes the camera and the technology behind it. Definitely worth watching!

Just a week ago, I had the pleasure of adding another camera to my collection:
_0003828 _0003829
This little gem is called The Handle and was made by Kodak in 1963, making it the oldest camera in my collection to date. He’s not worth much, but I got him for $4. What I love about this camera and my Colorpack ii is the inside.
_0003836 _0003846
Here you can see the internal structure of The Handle and the Colorpack ii. Theres something about the simplicity of the frame, the idea that it is purely light captured in a lens and carried by a mirror to your film strip… *sigh* Am I the only one who finds this beautiful?

Well, moving on: A few days ago I picked up this guy:
Ever since I started researching the early Polaroid models and finding them at thrift stores, I have wanted a Polaroid 210, and now I finally have one! Cost me just under $4 and was a little dirty but cleaned up nice. Very excited! 🙂

Well, that’s all for now, just a little tour of my thrifted vintage camera collection. To see more of my pictures and my thrift scores please follow me on instagram. I am also currently selling through instagram (shoes, apparel, vintage items, etc.) so please check it out!

Are you a modern thrifter, too? I would love to hear your thoughts!
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6 thoughts on “Vintage Camera Collection

    • Yes! My Dad is always getting onto my brother for his obsessive use of burst mode. Just looking at society today, it is like anyone could say they are a “photographer” as long as they have a phone lol. Unfortunately, some of the art of photography seems to be gone. Vintage cameras help to bring it back in my opinion.

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