A Whole New Wardrobe for Under $200

_0003752Meet Jean, my grandmother. Recently, my grandmother has been researching the best colors and styles for her skin tone and body type. After purging her closet of any clothes that didn’t follow these rules, she asked me to help her go shopping for her new wardrobe. She budgeted $200 and was “hoping to find a dress and a blazer… maybe some pants or shoes if we get lucky”. About five hours of shopping later, Jean had acquired a whole new wardrobe.

“That was the absolute most fun I have had in ages! I got one dress, eight shirts, a skirt,a pant suit, two jackets, two pairs of casual pants, a scarf, and two pair of shoes. Pretty good, huh!”

Everything was purchased either at a thrift store or a consignment store, and many pieces from brands such as Talbots, Jones New York, Worthington, and the Loft. Best of all, the shopping excursion stayed well under budget, totaling a cost of just under $150. Check out some of her new outfits!

_0003731 _0003734 _0003740 _0003749_0003745 _00037421

This just goes to show that you can look GREAT without breaking the bank; you can shop resell that still looks like retail; and you can have beauty with a budget. Don’t get discouraged by the price tag on fashion these days. Being thrifty is not being cheap, it is being wise with how you use what you have been given. For more reasons to thrift, click here.

Frugal Fashion Friday

Happy Frugal Fashion Friday everyone!


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