Rainy Day Yard Sale: Modern Miss Thrift Goes Mod

Hello again! Exams are finally over, and Modern Miss Thrift is back. With tomorrow being Saturday, its time to hit the yard sales! But what happens if the yard sales get rained out? Don’t worry! The hunt for affordable fashion continues rain or shine. _0003666

Where to Shop if it Rains

1. Indoor Yard Sales

Before you panic, check to see if any of the yard sales are listed as “rain or shine”. If they are, you’re in luck! Not only will you still get an opportunity to shop, but there will probably be less shoppers making the odds ever in your favor.


2. Estate Sales

Estate sales are always a good idea because there is normally a lot for sale, and the sellers are eager to negotiate a good price. Plus, they tend to be inside. 

3. Church Yard Sales

When done right, the church yard sales can yield excellent finds, especially if you are shopping for vintage treasures! Additionally, they are normally held indoors, typically in the church gymnasium. 


I was actually at a church yard sale when I picked up these treasures. For outfit totals of $15.25 and $5.50, I was able to enter into 60’s Vintage themed thrifted outfit contest. Read more about the contest and view my entries here.


Outfit details
Blue Dress: $4 from yard sale
Green Dress: $4 from yard sale
Glasses: $.50 ea. from a yard sale
Pearl necklace: $2.5o from yard sale
Shoes: $4.75 from Goodwill
Polaroid Colorpack II (from 1969): $1 from Goodwill
Picnic basket: $3.50 from Goodwill


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