Spending Less Than Your Shoesize on Shoes

Let’s talk about shoes. There’s something special about shoes; it’s like they can make or break an outfit. And that’s power, my friend: shoes are power. Unfortunately, this vital asset to our closet seems perpetually out of reach because, quite frankly, there are never enough shoes. You need shoes for different occasions, with various comfort levels, for various seasons and in various colors. To top it all of, shoes are constantly going out of style. One year the square toe is in, and the next the world leans more to the point. This would be fine, of course, if shoes were not so dreadfully expensive. As is, it would seem that we are perpetually doomed by a growing need for more shoes which we cannot afford. We all know that feeling–walking past the glistening podium on which is hung the shoe of all shoes, and knowing in our soul that we will never attain such a luxury because in our pocketbook we hold only as many dollars as our shoe size. It is not just a shoe that we lack: it is power. Shoes are power.

photo 2What if I told you that you could spend less than your shoe size on your shoes?
What if I told you that each of these pairs of shoes cost me $4.75?

I am not ashamed to tell you that probably half of my shoe collection comes from thrift stores. I think sometimes shoe shopping at thrift stores gets overlooked, and I have even heard people say they won’t do it simply because they can’t imagine wearing someone else’s shoes. Even so, that’s no reason not to look at the shoes when thrifting! Often I find BRAND NEW shoes, complete with stickers or tags. Today, I’m wearing these bad boys:

photo 3Tips for Buying Shoes at a Thrift Shop:

photo 5

Tip #1: Look for Brand Names

Is it really possible to find brand-name shoes at a thrift store? Yes. Is it possible to find designer shoes? Yes. Vintage shoes? Honey: I’ve found Italian vintage designer shoes. It’s possible.

photo 1

Tip #2: Check for Wear on the Bottom of the Shoe

Shoes wear out fast (part of why we have to buy them so often), so don’t spend money on warn-out shoes–no matter how cute they are!

photo 3Tip #3: Try Them On

Sometimes the size may be European or (in the case of vintage shoes) they may run small. Don’t go by the size!

photo 1

Hopefully this has helped you feel empowered to give thrift shopping for shoes a try. Let’s see who can spend less than their shoe size on shoes. I did, and I love it.

If you have more tips on being thrifty and saving money on shoes, I would love to hear them! Comment below or shoot me an email at modernmissthrift@yahoo.com

Stay tuned for more updates from Modern Miss Thrift.

***New inventory coming in May! ***



3 thoughts on “Spending Less Than Your Shoesize on Shoes

  1. I love the lace up shoes 🙂 I would honestly pay $300 for a pair of nice heals if they were made in my size and fit well. I wear a children’s 2 and not even an adult 4 fits right. So I have to resort to wearing children’s shoes from Target…and I agree shoes are so important and it’s more of a challenge since I’m limited to things made mostly in pink and purple!

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