First Yard Sale of the Season!

Well actually… it was an estate sale (even better!). The people who lived there had come over to the US from Germany. Check out these awesome “Luftpost” 1950’s vintage priority mail envelopes!
Unmarked, crisp, clean… these bad boys would be GREAT for scrapbooking or using in a shadowbox! I will be listing these for sale on Easter Sunday and am asking $5 for 8 envelopes. *Limited Supply*

These totally romantic “You” & “I” teacups are each other’s half. Yet another treasure from Germany
❤ Listing this set on Easter as well. I think they would make for a great upcycled art project!
Check this out for inspiration:

Throwback find of the day: The Rolodex
Several of the pocket-size seem to be popping up online, but this desktop model doesn’t seem as easy to come by. I simply couldn’t resist picking him up. Works like a charm!

***All items will be listed on Easter Sunday***

I will post links on the blog once I list them. Comment below or email me ( if you are interested in making a purchase.
Been getting some emails lately from you guys and love hearing your feedback!
I wish you a beautiful Easter weekend 🙂


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