Thrift Gift Challenge!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope your week has been fantabulous. Before the week comes to its end, I wanted to share with you my latest thrifting accomplishment. One of my roommates had a birthday this week (yay!), and I decided to do something special for her present.

Now, I’ve picked up things at thrift stores before that have later turned into spur-of-the-moment gifts, but never have I relied fully on thrifted items for a present. That is, until now! Check out this thrifty gift, guys!

These blue sued heels are BRAND NEW with no scuffing and the original stickers still on the bottom of the shoe. Besides the heels, there is also a bit of a gag gift/workout DVD. Instead of a card, I made her a papercraft Belle figurine. (Belle is her favorite Dinsey princess). The papercraft was a free download online. The gift bag was actually reused, although the tissue paper was store-bought.

So how much did I pay for my thrift gift? $4.75 for the shoes, $2.50 for the workout DVD, $0 for the papercraft, $0 for the gift bag, and maybe a few cents for the paper (bought in bulk at separate time). That’s a grand total of $7.25. What do you think? Can you beat it?

I will say, I don’t always buy gifts at thrift stores. The trick is to pick it up when you see it and not expect to find all you want in one outing. Right now I’ve actually got a backlog of gifts, some generic and some for specific people. Buy now and save later; it pays off.

Actually, just the other day I made this score: paid $2.50ea. for some brand new beauty products donated in bulk by Target.

These will definitely make for some nice gifts! Target donates products to several of the Goodwills I have visited, and I love buying them at the discounted price.

Anyway, I definitively encourage you to check out your local thrift stores and see if you find some gift-worthy items. Continuing in the spirit of giving, I’d also like to challenge you in your giving. I don’t want you guys to think all of this thrifting makes me a cheapskate because that is not true. In actuality, I just like to be purposeful with where I spend my money. Saving money by thrifting allows me the opportunity to give away a portion of my earnings. Currently, I am using this money to support a child in poverty through Compassion International. If you have not already, I strongly recommend you finding an organization you admire and supporting them. There is nothing quite as rewarding as giving.

If you would like to read my story about my experience sponsoring a child through Compassion, click here.


4 thoughts on “Thrift Gift Challenge!

  1. That’s awesome you are helping out people in need! I bet some of the thrift stores you shop at also give to charities too! It’s win-win! I recently gave a friend some awesome vintage champagne glasses for her 24th birthday. The stems were very bamboo-ish looking and super unique. I got a set of 4 for about $3 and she loved them! Will be giving my Dad a basically brand-new designer men’s shirt for father’s day that was $2 and will dry clean it first! I find hostess gifts at thrift stores all the time! Btw…these shoes are so awesome…love the color 🙂

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