INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Reasons to Thrift

Ok, so bad news or good news first?

Let’s start with…
THE GOOD NEWS: I made my first infographic! I used , although I did also try out some other websites because, well…

THE BAD NEWS: DUM Dum dummmm… Exporting my nifty infographic seems nearly impossible! So far the entire process has been really frustrating. So if any of you have any tips on creating infographics from scratch, let me know please!

In any case, you can view my infographic via this link:

…To lazy to click the link? (sigh.) Here’s the sum-up:

5 Reasons to Thrift:

1. Support a Good Cause
Ever wonder where the money goes when you buy from a thrift store?
Most thrift stores support various charities or even have their own.

2. The Thrill of Thrifting
Thrifting is like a giant treasure hunt. Many thrifters shop for the
thrill of finding a diamond in the rough. Simply put, thrifting is fun.

3. The Rare and Vintage
There are so many things you find thrift shopping that would just never be
possible to pick up at your local Wal-Mart or Target. The most obvious example is
vintage items which are often donated and picked up by lucky thrifters.

4. Save Money
Why spend $30 on a shoes from Target when you can buy a pair for
$4.75 at Goodwill? Thrifters find all kinds of ways to save money on
everything from clothing and shoes to books and office supplies.
Start saving today!

5. Make Money
The results are in: it pays to be thrifty. Thrifters, by nature,
understand the concept of buying low. The most elite thrifters
have also mastered the art of selling high. Websites such as eBay,
Amazon, and Etsy make it easy for thrifters to sell their latest finds
and pocket the change.


2 thoughts on “INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Reasons to Thrift

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