To the Greater Thrifting Community

As I write more about my experiences thrifting, I hope to also learn from you other thrifters out there! First, I know I have seen several bloggers with their “top 10 tips for thrifting” or “5 things to remember when going thrift shopping”. I would love to compile some of these tips, add some of my own as well, and then create a separate page on the blog just for tips.

Here’s where you come in: I need your input! What things do YOU do to prepare yourself for a thrifting excursion? Let me know, and maybe you will see your comments on the new Thrift Tips page! If you would rather not comment, shoot me an email at

One more announcement: everyone’s got that one favorite steal they picked up at their local thrift store, and I want to see yours! I’m cooking up some mad shoutouts, so if you want to see your thrift find featured on the Modern Miss Thrift blog, either email me at or tag me on instagram @modernmissthrift .

**Please include a) your name/username, b) item bought, c) price paid for item, and d) a picture of the item with your entry** Optional: You may also want to include the $ value of the item, and your blog if you have one.

These are just some of the ideas I have for this blog. What do YOU want to see on Modern Miss Thrift?


One thought on “To the Greater Thrifting Community

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